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Lucky Genie | Daft Punk/Girls’ Generation Mashup


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創作まとめ / maco
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Face Wash: Biore Marshmallow Whip, The Face Shop Smart Peeling Very Berry Scrub Foam and Herb Day 365 Peach Cleansing Foam.

Moisturizer: Skin Food Peach Sake Serum, Toner and Sunscreen, Shisedo White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Emulsion and Brightening Protective Moisturizer.

Mask Treatment: Skin Food Egg White Pore Mask, Nature Republic Honey Lemon Pack, Etude House Pearl Extract Mask, and Nature Republic Snail Therapy Mask.

Alright…to start off I have combination oily skin… so that’s why my skin care routine is so cray cray. I use my Biore Marshmallow Whip in the morning because I’ve noticed it helps control my oiliness throught the day better than The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Peach Cleansing Foam, which I use at night. Contrary to belief I don’t wear makeup ALL the time. But when I do I remove it first with a makeup wipe and use The Face Shop Smart Peeling Very Berry Scrub Foam because it has exfoliating beads in it so I feel like it scrubs the makeup off my face.

After cleansing my face I tone my face with the Skin Food Peach Sake Toner to clean off any residue my cleanser has missed. It smells quite nice and feels really cool on my skin. After my toner I apply Peach Sake Pore Serum. It makes my skin feel babybutt soft. During the Summer I use my Shisedo White Lucent to stay pasty white. 

Every 3 days I use a mask to detox my face to get rid of excess oil and build up. The Skin Food Egg White Pore Mask tightens up my pores and doesn’t smell as bad as other egg white masks. The Nature Republic Honey Lemon Pack after time gets rid of some dark spots. The Etude House Pearl Extract Mask doesn’t really have any permanent whitening effects. I noticed my skin looks a lot brighter AFTER I wash my face. To be honest I only use it because it makes my skin feel very soft. Now…my all time favorite mask is the…Nature Republic Snail Therapy Mask! We’ve all heard about the wonderful benefits from “snail slime” and it sounds really gross but it works! When I was in Highschool my skin broke out in pimples all the time. As I grew up and my hormones finally calmed the eff down I broke out less and less. Now I get a few pimples here and there but nothing major. Because my skin was so bad in highschool it left me with some acne scarring. It’s mainly on my cheeks and I can cover it up with makeup but it bothers me so much. I’ve tried microdermabrasion and that helped but I cried every session cause it was so painful. I just gave up and learned to deal. After using the snail mask I noticed that my acne scars are fading a lot! It says to leave it on for 20 mins but I just sleep with it on. It doesn’t smell weird but it is kinda slimey. It doesn’t drip and it dries after half an hour. There are a lot of different Snail Therapy products but I like this one the best cause I can just put it on and sleep and forget about it.

I hope this kinda detailed skin routine helps you girls (and guys…maybe). Stay Beautiful my sexy bunnies.


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